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POST OF 30 th 2015


        Shelters are not the place to be for pups even if those places are an "heaven" compare to the hard life in the streets.

         Perrikus shelter has opened their doors to threesomes' of crossed Galgos 6 month old babies.

I want to introduce you  to 2 male: SEPTIEMBRE, OCTUBRE and their sister TIARE.

They were cowardly abandoned on a hunting field. WHY???

      Probably Septiembre and Tiare were to shy and Octubre probably to uncontrollable, to playful (a little devil 😊 for the galguero (the hunter) and this was his unacceptable...

Even if their living conditions improved being in the shelter, lets not forget that they are in a "golden cage", a shelter that is overbooked. All the caretakers do their best but won't be able to take care of them correctly witch means having the time to start  their education.

       So I just want to help them a little bit and maybe do could you  by thinking about adoption for our three proteges.

POST OF THE DAY , 11.28.2015


YAS , 1 an ,YAS , 1an, à l'adoption
galgos : YAS , 1an

         It's horrific and so sad, La Camada, the Spanish shelter we are helping in Spain, has being sheltering to many Podencos since the summer: 11 all together but only two pups have been adopted our found their " forever home". 

LENNON , 4ans ,YAS , 1an, à l'adoption
galgos : LENNON, 4ans

       When you know that the podenco is a Spanish greyhound as well as the galgo but not well known and therefore not adopted.

PAQUITO, 6 mois ,PAQUITO, 6 mois, à l'adoption
galgos : PAQUITO, 6 mois

         I'm afraid for their future, I would not like them to become the "New Ghosts" in the Spanish shelters.

PACUTO, 6 mois ,PACUTO, 6 mois, à l'adoption
galgos : PACUTO, 6 mois

       Regarding those new dogs, there are as much grow up dogs than puppies.

LEILA , 6 mois ,LEILA, 6 mois, à l'adoption
galgos : LEILA, 6 mois

So let's get together to help them.



ALVARITO, 5 mois , ALVARITO, 5 mois, à l'adoption
galgos : ALVARITO, 5 mois

        You must know that the podencos are very express full dogs with their beautiful amber to green eyes. They'll make your heart melt...

RINO, 3 ans ,RINO, 3ans, à l'adoption
galgos : RINO, 3ans

        The podenco is a " Big cat" in a dogs body. Free and independent. He's particularity is to be very actif and very present when he is outside but calm and quiet inside. He loves very long naps he is very found of his sofa or his bed.

CANELO, 2 ans , CANELO,2ans à l'adoption
galgos : CANELO,2ans


           The podenco is sharp and well awakened. He needs of you to play and stimulate him. He loves spending time observing his owner and environment. 

JAN, 6 mois , JAN, 6 mois à l'adoption
galgos : JAN, 6 mois

              So he had everything he needs to be loved.

      Look at  Tuerca, Nesco and Rino 3 years old, Canello 2 years old, Yas 1 year old and the babies: Jan, Paquito, Pacuto and Leila all 6 months old.